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GenreVertical Scroll Shooting Game
ReleaseJan 2020
BodyThe Tawashi
StatusLooks new
FunVery much
PriceJust right


a people

Neighborhood Uncle
Hey, good

Tawashi’s friend
Can you fly?









Simple gameplay and exhilaration

Just shoot and avoid A simple game.

No complicated rules! If you defeat the enemy, it’s OK.

Anyone can play easily

It is enough if you can shoot and defeat the enemies that appear without thinking.

Breakthrough by trial and error

I said that it’s easy to play, but there are many situations where it’s not easy to complete.

In such a case, change the weapon or change the movement slightly and repeat over and over.

Please enjoy the fun of breaking through the difficulties by trial and error.

Retro CG

Most of the CGs used in this game were drawn in 199X. It is a real retro picture.

Please enjoy the real dot picture made by hitting the dots one by one!

Retro sound

You can listen to the background music of retro 8-16bit sound.

On the contrary, it may be fresh.

If you know those days, you can play with a little nostalgic atmosphere.

All 5 stages

There are five stages in all. Complete the stage to challenge the next stage.

Each stage can be completed in a few to ten minutes, so you can play your favorite stage at any time.

Have fun!

There are many other parts that I would like to recommend, but I want you to play and feel.

Enjoy the feeling of returning to 199X.

Team Dangan Teshoku developer MU

How to play

What kind of game?

A game where you evade enemy bullets whilst shooting them down.

Don’t think, just evade and shoot!


Select a stage and difficulty. Use the directional controls to avoid enemy bullets, and shoot down enemies using the attack button. Collect your friends to boost your score, and shoot at present boxes to switch to better weapons every now and then. When you see a flash on the ground, dig up the treasure, and if you get bombarded with enemy shots then use your precisions controls to slowly dodge them. Don’t forget to ‘pause’ if you get tired.

It might sound difficult, but you’ll get the hang of it as you play.

Game rules

Getting hit by enemy bullets reduces your HP. You lose 1 life when you run out of HP, and the game ends once you’ve lost all your lives.

Complete a stage by defeating a boss before you lose all of your lives!

Bumping into an enemy will not reduce your HP, but you may get knocked back or paralyzed.


You can select the next stage once you have cleared a stage. There are 5 stages in total! Can you clear all the stages?

Cleared stages and proceeding unlocked stage are always available to play, so you can constantly play stages you’re good at or practice difficult ones at your leisure.


Collect the weapons that appear when you destroy present boxes! They change the bullets shot from your character.

Choose from various weapons to suit the situation. Some strong enemies can be easily defeated by switching weapons. Just a quick heads up - all weapons are disposable.


There are 5 difficult levels: Easy, Light, Normal, Hard, and Hell. Select a difficulty level that suits you at the Start Stage screen.

Try playing on Easy or Light if you’re new to these kinds of games. If you’re a veteran to this scene, then choose Hard or Hell and aim for a high score! The harder the difficulty, the higher your possible score.


Collecting various treasures in the game will increase your number of extra lives at the start of the game. When you collect 50/100/200/300/400/450/ALL different types of treasures, you will gain 1 extra life. (Note: collecting multiples of the same type of treasure does not count)

The more extra lives you have, the easier it is to clear a stage. Try dropping the difficulty to collect more treasures if you’re having trouble avoiding bullets. Each stage features different treasures, so play through different ones to collect more of them.

Any bombs?

No, nothing like that.

What about 1UPs?

Nope. Nothing. Collecting various different treasures will increase the number of lives you start with.

Any HP recovery?

Your HP is recovered when you clear a stage. You can do it!

What about replays?

Sorry to break it to you, but no. Please use the automatic highlights recording function.

Recorded videos are saved to your gallery or my videos folder. Videos are saved in GIF format, so please use compatible software to view them. Unfortunately, there is no sound-recording function.


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